blaring into the night sky every time we set up for an evening by the fire, it's like we don't live in the suburbs and we're not waking up the neighbours one year old.... #sorryguys it'll be winter soon 😜. 

Until then you'll find us here, bundled together next to the flame, dancing to music that's a little too loud, drinking wine that's a little over poured & making memories that even the dreaded C word couldn't take from us 😏.

I always had a vision for our backyard, it was sleek, minimalistic but still had a warmth and coziness to it. We needed a focal point, something that would create ambiance and make the neighbours jealous *wink wink. 

Choosing the fire pit wasn't easy, all the options were gorgeous but choosing the brand was. Made of ultra light concrete Dekko's fire pits are 100% concrete with half of the weight. Making them easy to deliver right to your yard & even easier to install using GAS or PROPANE...when I say EASY I mean E.A.S.Y my bob the builder had it connected & we were enjoying it in less then 10 minutes. And when I refer to my bob the builder, he got his RBQ in a fisher price box if ya know what i'm saying....

I contemplated getting 2 but apparently i was exaggerating *husbands always killing my vibe. Available in 7 options + a custom model I went back and forth from rectangular to cup shaped, while secretly hoping my husband would be convinced that both was the only way to go....still working on it ladies.

Choosing the colour was the easy part, Dekko provides samples of the exact concrete colour, I  matched the slab to my pavers and voila ASH it was.

The 4 rock choices range from a earthy beach to a glam roof top hotel vibe, its really all about personal taste. You know me black, white, black, white, grey so the SLATE BEACH STONE was a no brainer.

The options don't end there. We opted for a table top lid so that it could double as a space for our super fancy, water bottles & goldfish, with the occasional night of wine and cheese.

Our propane tank is nicely hidden by the matching cover. Glass wind guards are available for wind or to keep tiny fingers away from the flame & for winter, which unfortunately is right around the corner, a weather cover.

I hate to say that just one thing "made the backyard" cuz our oasis came together and every piece played an equal part but if one of them would be crowned the prom queen it would be our Avera.


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