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White walls are pretty but...

When my contractor asked what colour i wanted my walls throughout the house i didn't think twice before saying "white... polar bear right out of the Arctic freshly bathed kind of white, blue undertones, if i see a hint of beige you'll be repainting"...as you can tell i was a peachy type of client, he can probably only handle one of me a year and might have taken early retirement LOL.

We moved in and i was in heaven...but bored. Especially in the kids rooms, the space seemed sterile (i mean i totally love that look) but for a kid it was like zzzzzzz....and not in the kind of way that would make them take longer naps LOL.

Being the un artistic, un DIY, un handy family that we are, i needed to find the simplest option to jazz up Madden's walls as possible without compromising on the look.

Not gunna lie, i probably spent hours on Urban Walls trying to chose, cuz honestly...i wanted everything...for every room...i was willing to give up my cloud like walls to them and say go wild babes!

I opted for the Large Indigo Brush Strokes, most of you probably didn't expect me to pick a decal with colour, but it was coloured decals or a coloured couch in my living room said the hubby so up the decals went.

You have my word that this was no IKEA situation, there was no fighting, we didn't spend day re-reading the instructions, need to take a break or get divorced, it was the easiest most seamless decal installation we've ever done (it's also the first one haha but i can't imagine it could get any easier). My husband and i laughed that we were professionals by the end...just goes to show how easy it was cuzzzz Dave can't hang a nail to save his life & i'm two steps away from not being able to use scissors soooo... thank you Urban Walls!

Click here for the Large Indigo Brush Strokes on Urban Walls.

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