This weekend you'll find me at The Quartiers Block Party..

For those of you who really know me you know that there's not much that i love more than shopping & a free event. Throw my kids being well behaved in there and a side of my husband holding my ice cold drink and you've got my version of a perfect day.

This weekend POP SUMMER is on at Quartier DIX30, an urban bazaar filled with artistic intervention, musical escapades, DJ stations, Terraces & free bikes...need i really say more? Ok let me also throw in that there will be bike entertainment and a chance to try out BMXING....all that means to me is that my husband will be busy enough to not be paying any attention while i swipe, swipe, swipe!

This FREE- yes ladies i said free event takes place;

July 6 & 7th from 10AM to 5PM

@Quartier DIX30

but get your money ready, cuz if you haven't already strutted the sidewalks of Quartier DIX30 i'm warning you now, BE READY TO SPEND! With a fusion of the best stores & restaurants you'll find a little POP SUMMER splashed all around the Square DIX30 patios. Filled with music, POP lounges, refreshing'll literally feel like you packed up your weekender and headed to Miami! The fact that you saved money on the flight will be the perfect excuse to feed your husband when he asks why you came home with so many bags!

🛍️ Bazaar When they say urban bazaar, they mean outdoors shopping with live DJs! Many shops will take their goods outdoors.

🎨 Artistic intervention The colourful crosswalks created by 7 local and international artists invite us to find new and unusual perspectives in urban art.

🎼 Musical Escapades The fourth edition of the Musical Escapades officially launches its summer programming during THE QUARTIER’S BLOCK PARTY. The Liquor Store and Bumaranga will send the summer programming off with Jazz and Afro-Columbian sounds.

🎧 DJ stations Take a musical trip thanks to 3 DJ stations.

🔸 Terraces The urban design terraces will offer visitors spaces where to relax and take in the summer breeze. Some restaurants will also offer their best summer meals outside!

🚲 Free bike lending program Trading the car for a bicycle is the best way to combine a fun adventure to visiting our favourite spots.


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Bryan Beyung @general_beyung

Roadsworth @roadsworth

Frédéric Chabot @frederic_chabot Get more deets on the block party HERE.

Head to the facebook event HERE.

So who's spending their Sunday with me at the block party?!

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