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The CYBEX Eternis S- it sounds like an undiscovered planet & believe me its almost as exciting.

Let's talk about car seats for a second. Like i'm not even that old and i'm pretty sure i drove home from the hospital in a milk crate that my mom held with one hand from the front seat. Guess we love our kids a little more then back then HAHA. These days car seats can go rear facing, forward facing adjust to booster, have a cup holder & even have a chest clip with safety technology? That last part intrigued you eh. I knew it would.

Meet our newest babies the CYBEX Eternis S with SensorSafe- i know it sounds like an undiscovered planet... & believe me its almost as exciting.

So let me spill the technical deets before i get into the fancy stuff.

My Fave Features:

Three modes: Rear facing, forward facing & belt positioning booster.

3 position recline- which helps prevent your babes head from falling forward when sleeping, YES LADIES YOU READ THAT RIGHTTTTT, no more wondering if your child is going to wake up from pure discomfort.

In seat recline, providing extra legroom so they can stay rear facing longer...it's all about the kids eh like does anyone out there care about our legroom? + 6 position one handed recline, ok so fine they did think of us on that one cuz they know we only ever have one hand to spare.

12-position, height-adjustable headrest with no-rethread harness- which means you don't have to argue with your husband for an hour on how to put the harness back in the slits.

Dishwasher safe cupholder- amen- which can be positioned on either side WOOT WOOT!

One pull latch & store spot under the seat- because lets be serious why oh why doesn't every car seat have this instead of the extra length ending up on the floor full of salt (if you're Canadian you totally get this) & on most occasions stuck in the door!?!

& drum rolllll pleeeassseeeee...the smart tech harness chest clip with SensorSafe

Let me break this down for you cuz i see the eye roll through the screen but when i'm done with you, you won't know how you ever lived without it.

So this little bad boy:

-will chime when your child is still buckled in and the car has been shut off, reminding you that your sleeping beauty is still in the back and to get her out. Should you still have not within minutes you'll receive a notification to your cellphone through a downloaded app. Should the buckle still not get unclipped because you removed your child, an alert will be sent to an emergency contact as well as GPS coordinates of the vehicles position. In other words avoiding situations like "infant hot car deaths" from being left in the car by accident.

-provides alerts when unsafe situations arise in the back seat aka your little Houdini starts unbuckling their harness while you're driving

-monitors the back seat temperature to avoid your child from being too hot or too cold- kids these days man living the life of luxurrrryyy

-warnings if your child has been seated for too long and needs a little break to stretch his legs..wish it gave warnings on where the nearest Starbucks is

-the app can monitor up to 16 chest clips so even if you have a whole bus load of kids they'd still be taken care of!

In other words Cybex took car seat safety to a whole new level and honestly all i want to do is run around high fiving their whole team cuz i'll take allllllll the bells and whistles if that means my littles will be protected anytime their in the car...now to just get gramma and grampa a set 😉.

Obviously WestCoastKids sells it & obviously i'm going to make this super simple for ya so just click here, pick your colour, add to your cart & boom gf time to send your hubs to pick up the kids so you can pour yourself a nice glass of Cab. xo

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