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The Cellosmet Facial from West Spa, sounds like something from the planetarium...

How many Hollywood movies have you watched where the staring role is a "stay at home mom" who spends her day at the gym, followed by a facial & manicure...to then casually stroll in to her house at 4, her children are perfectly dressed, the house is perfectly placed and dinner is magically ready and smells like she's hiding a Michelin star chef in the pantry. 

Yea...right...my life is in no way any of those movies i'm more like a part 2 of BAD MOMS. Being a stay at home mom for me is staying home with my kids...literally all.the.damn.time, barely getting a break to pee because even if dad is standing right there they're still calling me. The last time I saw a gym was on a YouTube workout I accidentally clicked while trying to load up Ryans toy review for my 3 year old, my nails look like they got chewed on by a hungry dog and well my face...let's just say it needed some love, and not the love my toddler can give while practicing "make up tutorials" aka turning me into a unicorn full of glitter.

I got a much needed, much deserved, escape...I mean break from my littles and treated my face to a Cellcosmet facial at West Spa. I like to try to forget the portion of my life where all I did was change babies butts, but guys...there is no other comparison I can really use...my FACE IS LEGIT THE SOFTEST THING YOUR CRACKED DRY NO TIME TO MOISTURIZE, MANGY NAIL FINGERS HAVE EVER TOUCHED...other than your newborns booty that is.

I'll get into the details about this specific facial but know some of you may be interested in other services & my general feel about the spa. I'll put everything under headers cuz I know some of you have a whole 12 seconds while you're hiding in the bathroom & all you want is for me to get to the point. So skip to whatever part of this post you need...no hard feelings I promise.


When I take time away from my kids & get a service, I want to feel like I went somewhere...literally... I don't want to be in some ladies basement smelling her dog and walking by her folded laundry, I can do that at home. West Spa is clean (trust me I lifted up some magazine and ran my fingers across the counters the way I do after my cleaning lady leaves just to give you a real review), organized, beautiful & relaxing. 

They offer everything under one roof, except hair...but they solved that one also since they're connected to a salon..don't even have to step outside, just scoot over with your coffee! I'm all for one- stop shop, if you love a place you should be able to live there aka book all your services in one day and don't leave till your kids are fast asleep. wink wink.

They even have their own makeup line, man I love this place.


I don't want to say i've been to every 5 star spa in Montreal, because I haven't but i've been to enough to have been greeted at the front by ELSA- cold as ice, barely a smile, feels like she's doing me a favour when I tell her my name for my appointment...those are the places I avoid like the plague, don't care how good your massage was I won't be back. Smiles are free people. 

West Spa's staff were warm, friendly & complimentary. I walked in to a " OMG I love your hat how cute are you" I know we say we don't need compliments from strangers, but not gunna lie I lit up like a damn Christmas tree...feels good for a total stranger to give you a little pep in your step once in a while & changed my whole day. Thank you lady, whoever you are.

My facialist was knowledgable, sweet & smelt like a flower (don't roll your eyes, we BOTH KNOW that you've been to a treatment before where the lady smelt like she needed a shower OR like she showered in her perfume). There was no question off limits and her responses were honest & informed, she spoke calmly and slowly *arent the ones who talk super fast trying to rush you in the room and get the service over with just the WORST. I felt like she had booked the next 8 hours to treat ME, ME people JUST ME. At the end of my service she took the time to explain what my face needed & why and DID NOT push any products on me cough cough AMEN.


The Cellosmet Facial from West Spa, sounds like something from the planetarium...and at one point I kind of felt & looked (added that photo for you) like the moon lol, but it was GLORIOUS. I've refused to wear makeup since getting it done because my skin is glowing, plump and SOFT AF (not such a delicate term but needed to be said here ladies).

The facial lasts 2 hours- 2 whole hours of peace & pampering. You start with a skin test based on 100 women the same age and ethnicity as you. It takes into consideration your spots, wrinkles, texture, pores, UV spots, brown spots, red areas & porphyrins. Any number over 50% is considered good.

My "skin age" was 25, if anyone recalls my BMI weight when I did that test at the gym was 21...so pretty much i'm asking my husband for better bday gifts this year cuz he married Benjamin Button!

You're then escorted to a dim room, robed and ready to relax. Your face is cleaned and then the treatment begins. I remember trying not to doze off so I could remember all the good stuff for you, but i'd be lying if I said I stayed awake. 

Pretty much took a nap and woke up with the skin of a newborn & really is there anything else you need to know? 


A Cellosmet facial is a youth revealing mask that is a result of a sublime combination of Swiss cellular biotechnology with an ultra pure collagen procedure, this cellular reshaping, plumping and smoothing collagen sheet mask, know as CellCollagen Face and Neck Mask provides immediate and spectacular radiance:

Collagen Biomatrix + Dermo-Relaxing Hibiscus Oligopeptides enriched with an ingredient extracted from the Hibiscus seed, the ultra pure biological collagen matrix, made up native collagen fibres, forms a network similar to that human skin.

A Revitalising and Wrinkle – Plumping Cellular Serum: the effect of the matrix is increased by this targeted cellular serum.

Its all encompassing anti-ageing effect is immediate and increases with use:

Revitalizing and reshapingUltra smoothing and plumpingGives back a youthful appearanceHydrating* and firming effectRadiance revealingSoothing and regenerating through hydration*

For the whole month of February West Spa is offer 15% off any of their facials, so if you've been considering it slip a hint to your hubby or if you're me, buy it yourself & add it to your card, you know the one he signs and then hands back to you 😉.

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