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Summer summer summer time with our SUNMAR GTG composting toilet.

Summer summer summer time, was the time to sit back and unwindddddd sing it with me...or not cuz usually you’re running in and out of the house every two minutes cuz one of your kids has to pee.

Which then equates to you cleaning the floor EVERY DAY, add a salt water pool to that equation and you’re scrubbing it on your hands and knees to get rid of every spot that will corrode your concrete floor leaving it looking like a Dalmatian. Well guess what ladies, I REFUSE to be that mom, so I found a solution & you know how i'm all about sharing them with you guys!

Meet my new bestie, or maybe my kids, cuz have you’ve never noticed how much a kid pees until their soaking wet having just jumped in the pool and have to go for the 15th time that hour- drum roll please….my new throne the Sun-Mar GTG composting toilet, no plumbing required!

Pretty sleek huh? I’ll get into the “details” which you can probably just have your husband read cuz all you need to know is YOUR KIDS CAN PEE, YOUR FRIENDS CAN PEE, YOUR NEIGHBOUR CAN PEE and NOT ONE OF THEM has to go inside your house to do so. Put it in your cabana, your pool house (like we did), a corner of your yard no one can see LOL honestly put it wherever and it’ll do its job.


  • 2 separate chambers for number 1 (liquid) & number 2 (solid)

  • Liquid chamber holds approx 8.5 litres

  • Solid chamber holds approx 23 litres

  • Low maintenance

  • Compact

  • Takes minutes to install (I can confirm this, its also easy peezy even my husband managed to do it with NO ISSUES)

  • Includes a fan

  • Includes “compost magic” to neutralize odours & provide a composting base

  • requires no plumbing (AMAZING!)

So its approved for the look, approved for the use now you just have to start a solid game of rock paper scissors to see who becomes the “toilet” empty outer ;).


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