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One year later and we’re still dreamin' with Endy...

Sleep - let me spell it out for all you moms who are probably feeling all hazy, wondering what that word even is anymore but its S-L-E-E-P. I haven't been getting more of it since I first got my Endy Mattress, let's not pretend this is a dream of genie situation where you turned into your husband for the rest of your life LOL, but I can say that when I do sleep I've been sleeping like a queen and throughout the last year I've converted my princess & prince to Endy sleepers too.

I would like to think in this imaginary world where I’m the queen and all that I gave birth to perfect little humans, the ones that slept through the night out of the hospital, who transitioned from bassinet to crib, then crib to bed like perfect angels, but I live in the real world and I've been lacking sleep since 2015. When I cozy into bed at night for that solid 6 hours LOL I need an uninterrupted, dreaming of Liev Shrieber clouds and Taylor Kinney unicorns type of situation and my Endy Mattress brings me just that.

Let's talk about a couple of things that got me through my 100-Night Trial and onto the next 265 and counting....

Endy's Comfort Form layer evenly distributes pressure points on your body to reduce tossing and turning - Steph translation: comfy, comfy AF.

Endy mattresses dramatically reduce motion transfer between your partner and yourself. So you can rest undisturbed - and rejuvenate more deeply- Steph translation: when those 2 feet & ten tiny toes creep from her Endy to mine I can't even tell she came in...until I get that first swift kick to the rib that is.

Endy Mattress’s comfort foam supports your body's unique needs faster than other foam mattresses. So you fall asleep faster, stay asleep longer - and wake up feeling powerful.- Steph translation: I was sold at fall asleep faster...with an endy and a morning coffee I technically turn into superwoman.

Endy mattresses are designed to be temperature neutral by dispersing and releasing heat faster than traditional memory foam to create a cooler sleeping environment - so you can get the uninterrupted, restorative rest you need.- Steph translation: when summer finally hits in the MTL I'm not tossing and turning as I peel off the layers asking myself if the "flip the pillow to the cooler side" trick would work on a mattress...& don't pretend you haven't tried that before.

I'm not going to sit here pretending that Endy is the be all end all of your first world problems, but I can tell you that Endy is the be all end all of mattresses,. Nothing compares for me, my hubs, B & M and if we all agree do you really need much more than that? Nah, didn't think so but I’ll still list a couple of changes to our sleep since it’s been a year now with our Endy Mattress for ya below. Just in case you need that little extra nudge you’ve been missing.

1. My hubs has stopped complaining; guys it was like when a toddler is teething I swear, the never ending whinnninggggg about his back, since we started sleeping on our Endy he wakes up like the tooth pierced...can I get a woot woot!

2. I’m not tossing and turning; finally a mattress that keeps cool, I usually spend my summers rolling around like a pig in a pen, cute image in your mind eh, now I’m more like a hibernating bear.

3. The motion that should stay in the ocean; has been my biggest problem with mattresses in the past, Dave gets up super early for work and I would feel every toss & roll of him exiting the bed at the crack of dawn, but no more with our  Endy Mattress he could fall out for all I care because I’ll be fast asleep thanks to the no motion transfer.

4. And last but not least, can we just talk about the accessories for one moment because the Endy Sheets have been a game changer in my fam, it’s probably been the gift that keeps on giving and has saved my sanity, which is almost as important as my back. The fitted sheet has an elastic band that keeps it in place all night long...and through pillow fights, forts and whatever else my crazy humans decide to play that day, which means more time spent playing and less time spent adjusting a sheet that should just stay in place to begin with. Thx Endy!

Use code LONDONKADE50 for $50 any size Endy Mattress and start living your best life, in your dreams, with whoever your clouds and unicorns look like but lay off my Taylor, when Gaga left him we finally had the chance to be together and I won't let you or your new Endy get in the middle of that.

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