My prince has better things to do..

Not sure why everyone found it so cute when Cinderella lost her slipper...have you ever lost a kids shoe? Nothing cute about that, not even the fact that the prince found it and returned it a week later cuz by then you've already bought a new pair. My prince has better things to do, so let's talk shoes for a minute, cuz even though i love those adorable AF shoes that come in itty bitty sizes that you think "omg my newborn has to have these" i'd like to be in the back of your ear saying "omg you're going to put those on, ohh and aww and then lose the left foot the second you step out the door".

When M turned 1 and i could finally put him in a pair of running shoes i probably cried 2 or 3 tears of excitement at those itty bitty high tops while my husband cried 4 or 5 knowing i was going to spend his last pay check on every single pair i could, not that he should have anything to say since he's a serial shoe collector and barely wears any of them. BUT before that day came that i wasn't wasting money on cute yet useless shoes so both my kids LIVED in even cuter mocs and still do to this day around the house! Every colour, every design, every STAY ON THEIR FEET pair i could get my hands on.

In crawls, then walks BIRD ROCK BABY, a company with a 100% genuine leather mocs that won't have you crying when you get to checkout, cuz let's be serious at the rate those baby feet grow we can't afford to take a second job to dress these kids. 


BIRD ROCK BABY mocs have soft like butter soles for foot development.. i mean i'm no podiatrist but i think my kids feet should be free to grow & explore with those first steps and not be shoved into a tight, stiff, takes 46 minutes to put on pair of "booties" that my grandma would have told me they HAD TO have or they would never walk lol look at them now grandma, look at them now.

Did i mention they STAY ON! let me repeat THEY STAY ON thanks to the elastic opening that keeps them snug, at any age. Both my kids were THE kid at "play dates" that left with both mocs still in tact like bad ass babies staring at the others like "GF tell your mom about these mocs cuz this one shoe style you're sporting ain't cute". The secret is out, tell all your playgroup mamas lol.

For those early newborn days when you wanna keep those baby toesies warm BIRD ROCK BABY even offers booties, as well as a variety of other products including bows, diaper backpacks and soap. If you're anything like me when you're gifting you want to buy the whole store, so GIFT CARDS are also an option!


My fav part about BIRD ROCK BABY is their mission to give back. I mean they already are by saving your sanity every time you put on these comfortable, adorable & won't fall off mocs BUT for every pair sold they also donate food for an entire day to a child in need through "Feed My Starving Children". 

Yep ill take every colour.. in every size. 

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