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Let's talk lingo with Lingokids...

because my kid is still calling BANANAS- KANANAS.

I consider my two little babes smart, like full sentences at 18M kind of smart. Not taking any of the credit for it but i've always gotten comments about how they talked so early, so clearly and had so many words in their vocabulary that parent's oohd and awwed over them.

With Madden i did however have difficulty with certain chosen words Kanana instead of Banana, Kesert instead of Desert and Kablooms instead of Balloon to name a few.

I have no shame when it comes to the Ipad life, i'm a stay at home mom, my kids do watch movies and do spend time on the Ipad, but they also spend 5 days a week at the park, have a long list of playdates, eat balanced meals and then drive me insane the rest of the time. It seems the Ipad has become some sort of an addiction but i've noticed that it doesn't matter what they're actually doing on it to them, it just matters that they've got their grubby little hands on it.

So we've resorted to Lingokids to fill some our Ipad time and help Madden out a little. Lingokids is an app for children 2-8 years old and has over 10 million registered families already- woah, wish they all followed me on instagram- wink wink!

The app is a fun english course filled with games, songs, videos and activities that fit their age bracket and their learning style. Developed by educational experts.

100% add free i also don't have to be interrupted by a "mom its not working" every other second. Lingokids is getting M ready for preschool in September and is also giving me a well deserved break.

If i had more than 2 thumbs i would lift them just about now!

Check out Lingokids here & try it for free!

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