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Is it weird to be obsessed with door handles...

i dunno, if i think back to highschool i was probably obsessed with weirder things...or people if i'm being politically correct. My handle journey all started when i sat down with my contractor to review all the "small details" or so he liked to call it. He showed me the door handles he uses in all his projects, they were eye roll worthy to say the least.

I was on a hunt, and this time it wasn't a man hunt like it was in highschool LOL. I needed the blackest, the squarest and the mattest handles i could find. They had to have privacy option but also the option to remove the privacy since we all know how little kids love to lock themselves just about anywhere they shouldn't and closet option, Schlage had me covered. With so many options we narrowed it down to the Custom Northbrook Lever with Collins Trim Hall-Closet and Bed-Bath Lock for bedrooms and bathrooms & the Custom Northbrook Non-Turning Lever with Collins Trim for the closets, i obviously say WE out of respect for my husband but we all know he had no say at all.

I'm a big believer that the "little details" are what make a space or can even change a space. So if you've been walking around your house with a MEH face wondering what you could do it spice it up, don't walk passed the door handles, they may be the simple solution to refreshing your home in a quick turn of a screw driver- or in my husbands case a quick hire of a handyman -wink wink.

Oh and we shouldn't forget the garage- which is right now the home to 900 bikes, 135 pairs of shoes & 17 bubble wands which we gotta keep safe right?! We added the Schlage Touch Keyless Touchscreen Lever with Century trim and Broadway Lever to our side door. Hand clap for never locking yourself out of the house again, 100% pick proof, works rain or shine, is secure, durable and well just darn gorgeous if i dare say so about a "keyless lever", totally felt profess saying that.

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