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I've made myself a promise to get in front of the camera more...on days my hair is clean of course..

In staying with my new years resolution to make more memories, i've also made myself a promise to get in front of the camera more...on days my hair is clean of course. So maybe like twice a month LOL.

Making memories and having proof of the memories go hand in hand right? So like when your 89 year old grandmother needs to see a photo of you on the beach, in your mom bod with one kid hanging off your hair and the other peeing in the sand you've got it you know...oh sorry forgot to mention the husband standing somewhere on the outskirts probably with an alcoholic beverage..really enjoying his 7 day retreat, if i could insert an eye roll emoji here i would.

Lucky for the insta hub- with the refreshing beverage- i won't be needing him for my making memory proof cuz i've replaced him with my FUJIFILM X-T100 (literally, if this camera could pay the mortgage i would replace him for good LOL).

3 way tilting touch screen with LCD monitor- taking my selfies- with 2 kids...and no husband to be found to a whole new level...tilt it 3 different ways then pinch zoom, drag and move until you're shot is perfect, or imperfect just the way you want it!

Self timer mode- so i can actually get in front of the camera, picked up a trusty tripod and i'm finally a part of the family photos haha.

4K burst shooting- for those super fast- super fun energetic kids who wont sit still shots-  chose the best shot from 15 frames taken in a second!

Wireless connectivity- yes ladies this means its compatible via bluetooth to your smart phone, no need for those extra cords.. cuz you and i both know you're going to misplace them and you'll find them at the bottom of a toy bin in 2020.

Oh and did i mention how light weight and perfectly sized it is?! Not going to lie its probably been thrown into my diaper bag one too many times cuz thats how easy it is to bring anywhere and everywhere!


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