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I never thought i would be the "wallpaper lady"..

To me the "wallpaper lady" was closely related to the "cat lady", alone in a house full of printed walls and cat hair, until i discovered MuralsWallpaper. With 1400+ options to chose from i was still hesitant i would ever find anything modern enough for my taste, i had a vision for Brea's room and it had to be just perfect for my pinterest dreams.

I probably scoured the MuralsWallpaper site for more hours then a normal person would. I was beyond surprised at how many options i was saving to chose from...so many modern, geometric, watercolour & florals that fit exactly what i was looking for...clearly i had no idea what i wanted and had been expecting to just "sorta kinda i guess it works" find one option, which totally wasn't the case.

B had requested "pink" which already had me cringing, but we opted for the Chaos

abstract Peach & Black brush strokes- the perfect combination of modern & girly and just the right hue of pink so that i wouldn't get migraine each time i walked into her room.

I won't lie by saying my husband installed it and it was a breeze, because let's be serious we hired someone to do it HAHA. But we do have a friend who ordered a different design, married a handier husband & he did manage to put it up with no problem at all!.

So never fear ladies, wallpaper doesn't need to be old & tiered and full of cat hair...it can be modern, bright and original too!

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