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I'm not the perfect housewife...but I know how to hire the perfect pro's.

Updated: Oct 9, 2019

I've always said i'm not a perfect housewife, I don't cook, I don't clean & on most days I barely take care of my kids...kidding i'm actually really really good at that part. I'm also really good at leaving jobs like cleaning to pro's like Adele House Cleaning. That way I can spend more time with my 3 fav people...which usually means a little paw patrol, a little snack & if i'm lucky a couple cuddles (usually bribed tho).

I'm a huge fan of subscription services, but an even huger (is that even a word?) fan of on demand...with Adele House Cleaning, you can chose either! Schedule your Adele on a repeat basis or a one time thing, because I get it sometimes you just need that extra hand or two so you can spend a little time on yourself & less time on your shower walls!

Booking is easy:

- fill in an online questionnaire (how many bathrooms, bedrooms ect) to get the price quote & timeline for your home.

-chose a date that fits YOUR schedule (they're avail 7 days a week) & pay online so you wont have to run to the bank that morning cuz you forgot!

-& most importantly kick back and relax, hopefully with a pumpkin spiced latte and a husband thats home to run after the kids! Speaking of kids- all Adeles products are Eco Friendly so you don't have to worry about them or your pets!

Whats included:

-emptying & cleaning of the trash & recycling bins

-passing the vacuum & washing all the floors (AMEN!)

-dusting & cleaning all horizontal services (and yes ladies they lifted up items and dusted under them...cuz really should it be done any other way!??!)

making your kitchen sparkle

Cleaning the exterior of large electrical appliances. Cleaning the exterior of small electrical appliances that are on the counters (toaster, blender, coffee machine, etc.) Cleaning the exterior and interior of the microwave oven. Cleaning the stains and fingerprints on the cupboards, furniture, walls, doors and door frames. Cleaning the sink and polishing the faucet.

getting you ready for bed:

Making the bed(s) with the sheets and blankets from the previous night.  

letting you live in your living room:

Passing the vacuum cleaner on the sofas and underneath the cushions.

spic & span washrooms:

Cleaning the inside and outside of the sink, bath and shower.Cleaning the inside and outside of the toilet. Cleaning the thermostats, doorknobs and the tank lever.Cleaning the counters. Polishing the faucets and mirrors.

even your laundry room deserves a little love:

Cleaning the exterior of the washer and dryer.


I totally get that opening up your home to someone else's cleaning (other than your mother in law who always does it better than you do right?!?) might be a scary thing, you've got kids, you've got valuables but Adeles housecleaning pros are certified with liability insurance & full background checks- I know that just added a virtual checkmark to your "mom list" and trust me it did the same for me.

I booked my "Adele" on a morning my kids were at preschool, she arrived promptly & even texted me a reminder the day before (how sweet is she!?!). She swept through the house (see the pun there!) like she was invisible, I didn't see her or hear her but when I walked back through where she had been I swear ladies I was humming "shine bright like a diamond". The mirrors were finger printless, the counter tops spotless & my black staircase was so clean i didn't regret them for a second (cuz really though, why did I do that to myself again hadn't I learnt my lesson from a black staircase in the last house?!). I also had to get the stamp of approval from the OCD king & his miniature queen. B was won over by her bed being made "mama is this a hotel?" she asked me, as if I've never made her bed before (eye roll) & Dave pretty much asked if Jessica *our Adele was single, since his baseboards had never looked so good (double eye roll).

So it was a win win, hubbys happy and i got to spend a couple hours "working" yes blogging is working, we won't get into that now LOL... that way when my kiddos got home from preschool I could spend the rest of the day focused on snack delivery, puzzle making & water filling cuz thats what motherhood is all about isin't it!?

Book your Adele House Cleaning in Montreal or Toronto here!

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