I'm a full time mom...and I'm not even a pro at that.

Updated: Aug 30, 2018

Once upon a time I got married, it was probably the last day that was all about me..cuz shortly after I got pregnant and everything was about the unborn baby, then the baby, then the toddler and now when I walk in a room i'm lucky if a get a hello cuz my kids are so damn cute no one even looks up after seeing them.

But back to that day so long ago where I wasn’t the one taking the pictures but the one being taken pictures of…oh I miss those days. The one thing I do remember like it was yesterday was the moment my photographer walked into my house, I had researched him for months, ooohhh & awed over every photo he took, in he walked and I thought to myself... "where the EFF is his camera? what is that around his neck? ok sure you look cool but we are shooting my wedding here not a trip to the skate park!" I spent the day two sips of champagne away from yelling at him “WHERE IS YOUR CAMERA?! YOU KNOW THE ONE NORMAL PHOTOGS LUG AROUND WITH 4 LENSES TO CAPTURE ALL MY MOMENTS?!” But I kept my mouth shut, cuz I mean this day only lasted 24H and how much was a new photographer going to cost the day of? Probably as much as a divorce.

Fast forward four long months, cuz holy does it take wedding photographers FOR FRIKKIN EVER to get your pictures back to you, like hi take my money and then make me wait forever and a day to see pics of me way skinnier than I am now with flawless skin and perfect hair. And the pictures came, and they were crisp, and they were clear, and I could count my perfectly placed fake eyelashes like I was sitting right in front of myself and right then and there was the first time I fell in love….with a FUJIFILM.

As a now “blogger” i've gone from using my iPhone, which is now so banged up i'm lucky if the camera even opens, to a digital cam I had when I was 12 and probably took to Disney Land, to an oversized have to carry a whole new backpack for it DSLR. I've now finally made it to "my dreams do come true" FUJIFILM X-T100 that fits right inside my purse, looks sexy AF and takes pictures like the moments were snapped in your memory.

I'm no “pro” photographer and I don’t pretend to be, i'm a full time mom and i'm not even a pro at that lol. But I do want to take pro pictures, or at least try, or at least fake it till I make it. I don’t have any time to take a photography class or watch youtube like my kid does of eggs hatching for 47H to understand all the ins and outs of a camera, cuz again i'm a mom I have laundry, lunches & love to give and very little time for anything else.

I'm sure you heard the whispers or the screams, however you want to see it about FUJIFILM being the “it camera” for a blogger. My friends have told me time and time again after spending thousands on other cameras that the man behind the counter tells them, just "switch to a FUJIFILM you’ll be way happier", insert lots of mom blogger tears. The man behind the counter that apparently does this for a living was RIGHT.

Im going to break down in “blogger” language my fave features of the FUJIFILMX-T100.


The high performance EVF in the retro body allows you to compose your photographs clearly even in bright sunshine. This experience is the true feeling of photography. Only an electronic viewfinder allows you to see exactly what your final result will be before you take the picture.- can I get a hell ya? Cuz how annoying is it when a pic looks hella good on your finder and then pop it in your computer and yep k not that at all.

The FUJIFILM X-T100 offers a variety of body colour such as Dark Silver, Black, and Champagne Gold and follows the familiar design of the popular X-T series from Fujifilm, offering three control dials on the top cover.- we were all taught “not to judge a book by its cover” in this case judge all you want cuz this cam is as sexy as it is sleek & performs like a gem.

Retro & lightweight- With it's portability, lightweight 448g* body and retro styling, the FUJIFILM X-T100 can be taken anywhere and everywhere in your daily life.- cuz diapers, wipes, snacks, sippy cups are heavy enough don’t let your cam weigh you down.

3 way titling touch screen- A 3.0 inch LCD monitor can tilt in 3 different ways and also has touch screen capability. Touch operation includes pinch zoom, drag to move around the image and additional functions using flick gestures.- to get into all those crazy places your kiddos hide while you're trying to take a pic, jokes on you child, cuz now ill just shove my hand in that tunnel pop up my screen to see exactly what you are doing in there- snap snap snap!

Image quality- FUJIFILM X-T100 has the essential elements to make all aspects of your pictures look special: natural skin tone, beautiful colour reproduction, low noise in poor light, and excellent edge-to-edge resolution. You can trust exceptional images will be produced thanks to FUJIFILM's technology which is established from over 80 years in the photo industry.- so if you aren’t a pro your pics will still look like you're pro- which is totally fine by me.

SR AUTO- Advanced SR Auto mode recognizes the scene and the subject you are looking at and automatically optimizes camera setting and focus. It let you take the best photos possible with minimal effort.- because there is nothing cute about a picture of my adorable AF toddler and the camera is focused on the lint on his sock. Ya know?

WIRELESS CONNECTIVITY- You can pair the FUJIFILM X-T100 to a compatible smartphone or tablet using Bluetooth®* for seamless transfer of your images so they can easily be shared with friends.- meh who has time to share with their friends, its to share on insta our friends can view them there!

Better get extra flirty with your husband tonight so you can convince him you "just can't live without" the FUJIFILM X-T100...if that doesn't work can always ask Santa.


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