Holy grail of strollers.

Updated: Aug 22, 2018

You know that never ending mental checklist you have before ever leaving the house?! My list was 4X as long regarding my stroller requirements. I had definitely "cheaped" out when choosing my first one. Probably because becoming a new mom is expensive AF and you need so many things that you won't even use, so I felt like I was doing the "right" thing by not purchasing the holy grail of strollers...WRONG. Not going to lie I've been lucky enough to test some awesome wheels & have loved features on all of them. Choosing a stroller is like choosing a husband, you’re stuck with it for life...ok maybe not for life but it feels like it. So when making that "for better or worse" decision don't look at the dollar signs, look at the functionality, if not you'll end up like me regretting that chunky, useless first stroller you bought anyways. There's a reason why it was on sale.

My checklist:

Sturdy but not too big- cuz I’m short let’s not make me look shorter.

Folds with both seats- cuz I only have so much time to dedicate to the back of my car before I drive off leaving the stroller there, while running it over in frustration. (Disclaimer – both the RumbleSeat and Toddler Seat need to be in the forward-facing, upright position. Toddler Seat footrest needs to be tucked all the way underneath the seat to fold with both seats on the VISTA. It is recommended that Upper Adapters be used with the Toddler Seat, to create more space between seats).

Multi directional seating- so my spoiled children can face any direction depending on their mood.

Sexy single- speaks for itself, no one likes only having one babe with ya but your stroller looks like it still needs two. PiggyBack Ride-Along Board - cuz hello I have a soon to be threenager, she can’t decide whether she’s walking, sitting, riding or flying.

Easy break- I get a pedicure like twice a year, let’s not be ruining it with those under mounted breaks- nope just step on step off over here. Check, check, check with my UPPAbaby VISTA from West Coast Kids.


No ladies this post wasn't paid so you can either believe me that the value of this stroller far outweighs its price, or go buy the cheap one you've been eyeing but aren't sure about...I promise you'll end up leaving it like that boyfriend you met at the bar who just wasn't that into you, then you can get the VISTA and tell me that I told you so.

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