Endy mattress dreamin.

Updated: Jul 5, 2018

Sleep. I seriously don't think there is anything a mother needs more in life then those 8H of silence... i mean sleep, followed by dreams of Liev Schrieber (if you have no idea who he is google RAY DONAVAN, still don't think he's hot? Go watch an episode mmmmm).

My husband and i & sometimes toddler have recently upgraded our mattress to an all Canadian Made Endy, which means a) when she creeps in in the middle of the night we don't feel a thing due to their minimal motion transfer & b) we wake up feeling rested cuz the rest of the day won't feel that way lol. Did i mention it came rolled up in a box the size of a hockey bag- yes i'm from Canada & yes so are they, hockey references all day every day.

Not only is this mattress MADE IN CANADA EH! it's also layered with comfort, transition and support foam to keeping us warm in winter, cool in summer & our posture on point all year long. Did i mention it was affordable? Finally a mattress that won't break the bank (cuz we need that extra money for ice cap runs right?). If you aren't 100% satisfied after your 100 day trial, call them and they'll pick that bad boy up no questions asked...highly doubt that phone number rings very often but i mean they have it incase!


If you hadn't heard about Endy mattresses yet then you are probably living under a rock, or in the box it came in...BUT have you heard about their sheets & pillows?!?

Sheets- they are the sh*t- yes yes they are silky smooth blah blah blah all the stuff they promise they will be on the site BUT say hello to an elastic band with a rubber like finish that HUGS YOUR FRIKKIN MATTRESS and doesn't allow it to come creeping off in the middle of the damn night so you have to remake your bed in the morning. For that fact alone i will never sleep on another sheet...ok don't be ridiculous, i'm not like packing them in my luggage for vacation but you get the idea.


Pillow- Bamboo charcoal memory foam, you know how much i love my charcoal.. wash my face with it, brush my teeth with it why not add it in my pillow? BUT skip to the part about the adjustable height. Yes we are still talking about a pillow...unzip the pillow to add or remove foam to make the pillow unique to you, they even send this little pouch to save your foam incase you're crazy like me and choose to fluff and unfluff your pillow depending on your mood.


All this Endy talk has got me feeling a nap, sweet dreams.

If you love sleep as much as i do use code LONDONKADE50 for 50$ off any size Endy mattress.

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