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DIY- Modern LEGO Table

K sooooo if you're anything like me you hate every kids "functional play item":

Train table- ugly

Easel- ugly

Play kitchen- ugly


LEGO table- def ugly.

Scoured Pinterest for what feels like a year to find a modern DIY that I would contemplate doing for months & probably never end up completing, cuz to be honest I'm the least DIY person you'll ever meet & my husband is the least handy...match made in heaven, for real.

Anyways the quarantine gave me some extra time so we banged this out with the help of some lysol wipes & all our neighbours tools.

Really just making this blog post to prove to all my friends that I really did + if it can help save another modern mama's living room from a horrendous purchased version, so be it.

Here goes nothing:


Ok so first things first go to your local IKEA, after the quarantine DUH, don't even bother trying to have it delivered the shipping fee will cost more than the purchase, not sure when IKEA will get into the 20th century with their ship fees, but listen they've gotta make up for all the other perfectly priced items their selling...I guess.

1) TARENDO table- $35

They offer it in white & black

2)SUNNERSTA rod- $2.99

You could go with 2 of these if you want one rod on each side...I may upgrade mine to this so that one side can be lego and one side can be colouring/scissors ect. If you have 3 kids I prob wouldn't add another rob cuz 3 kids and 2 sides could be a shit show, but what the hell do I know.

3)SUNNERSTA container- $.99

They also offer these in a bunch of hipster colours, if you're more into the earthy tones, 4 fit per rod so double if you did 2 rods.

4)MAMMUT stool- $9.99

This colour is horrendous but they don't seem to have white anymore, so chose something else cuz this colour ruins the whole look...if you're into orange then yay for you lol. Just make sure your kid has somewhere to sit I guess, IKEA has a whole bunch of cheap options.

Then from Amazon you'll order these bad boys below, not going to lie I got super excited that they came with adhesive backing so I didn't have to DIY some way to stick them on.... + they come in a bunch of colours so go wild.

5) LEGO Mats- $25.99 *4PCS

I ordered two sets of these only because I wanted to fill the whole table, but you could just do 4 if you want to just leave it centred. We ended up with two extra boards (used 6 of the 8 for those really good with math LOL).


Out of hubby's tool box you'll need:

Exacto (yay he had one thing, insert eye roll)

Drill (borrowed from the neighbour)

Metal Cutter (borrowed from the neighbour)

Metal Screws (if you can find short ones you won't need the metal cutters)


Build the table:

If you seriously need an explanation on that DM Madden cuz he built ours.

Installing your rod:

So the IKEA instructions for your SUNNERSTA rod will explain how to align them with wherever you're mounting so i'll let you read those instead of having to retype them.

Once you've made your little marks, use your "metal screws" or wtvr their called AKA ones that go into metal and not wood...the ones supplied are for wood so you'll need to go through your husbands tool box to find those. We could only find long ones that screwed in too far so would pierce through the table top, which you don't want because you want to be able to flip it over. So we used a metal cutter or metal saw to remove the "tips" that were sticking out.

Adding your mats:

Once that's done, flip your table over onto its back. Have the side you want to put the lego mats on upwards (so the feet are up + the side you want to use) I chose to put them on the white side so my black side could be the clean untouched one. Important that you actually do it this way and not just put all the lego boards down without the frame of the table around it...if you don't you'll have lego all the way till the end and won't be able to flip the table top...

Use your Exacto to cut your mats to size. We went the lazy way stuck all big until we got to the ends and added thin slices for what was left...someone fancy may figure out how to size them all equal...wtvr.

Placing your containers:

Lastly slap your containers on and fill them, not sure that needed it own category but oh well.

That'll be my last DIY for a while, so try to enjoy it ahaha..

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