Cruising into 2019..

New year, new you, new resolutions....that we all know you won't keep. Ok fine i guess i shouldn't speak for everyone but i definitely speak for myself in saying that i've never once kept a new years resolution, probably because it always revolves around getting fit- not gunna happen, eating better- but i love chicken nuggets way to much or travelling more- i have 2 toddlers good frikkin luck to moi!

This year i'm keeping it casual, one simple resolution i know i can make memories. To laugh more with these tiny humans i created, to experience more and to make memories they/we will never forget. My husband and i always promised ourselves we would "keep on living" after we had kids...the last 3 years has felt more like "surviving" so starting now, 2019 we are going to start living again. I know that may sound odd to some of you without kids or some of you with perfect children- like those 2 kids on Birdbox...if you watched it and you have kids you totally must be having a WTF moment with me, really they stayed quiet, didn't take off their blindfolds that whole time. Please give me a moment while i go buy a boat and some birds and try it for myself.

Starting off our 2019 toast to making memories with the newest addition to the fam our VEER CRUISER. "With the feel, functionality and safety of a premium stroller and the fun of a rugged wagon" aka it looks good, it drives as well as it looks AND the kids can hop in and out of that bad boy like it's their day job.

Riding Modes


Push it like a stroller, pull it like a wagon or push it along like modern luggage. Proper design makes it surprisingly easy to maneuver.

When they say "easy to maneuver" they are selling themselves short cuz my 3 year old has got the drive of this one down to a science and she's no Schumacher if you know what i mean...



Fast and compact folding for easy transport. Sits upright on end for compact storage.

Keyword EASY- like so easy my husband figured it out all by himself...stop lying you know it still takes all of our husbands a good 3 minutes staring at the stroller like they haven't been using it for 2+ years before they manage to close it.

Ultimate Craftsmanship


Airless rugged tires, aircraft grade aluminum, robotic welds, a patented wall system, performance braking and front comfort suspension ensure years of rugged off-roading.

Also built for Canadian winters- 4+months of our year is spent under neath the snow the VEER CRUISER made it to the top of the snow hill carrying sleds and all!

Creature Comforts


Low sidewalls make it safe and easy for older kids to venture out, but with 360° views, 3-point harnesses, contoured seats, vented seat backs and an expandable footwell, they won’t want to.

Probably my fave feature is how sturdy yet accessible this beauty is. B can easily hop in and out on her own leaving me only one little Prince to get into his chariot...won't be long and he'll be big enough too...which means maybe i'll hop in & B can pull us all!



Two Cup Holders

Snack & Drink Tray


RETRACTABLE CANOPY- for those sunny days.

BUG SHIELD- perfect for travelling or adventures in the forest.

COMFORT SEAT FOR TODDLER- adding a little comfort & support for the littles.

FOLDABLE STORAGE BASKET- pack a picnic why don't ya!

INFANT CAR SEAT ADAPTER- so frikkin cool, don't stop your travels when a new babe is born!

NAP SYSTEM-adaptable to a bassinet- oh just stop now they thought of everything!

CUP HOLDERS (SET OF 2)- pretty self explanatory and life changing if i do say so myself add one on for mom & even one for dad if you're feeling extra nice this year.

TRAVEL BAG- the perfect travel accessory your VEER CRUISER can follow you anywhere.


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