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Can I try that?

Updated: Oct 18, 2019

I love my kids. I love my kids. I love my kids. Gotta remind myself of that every time i grab a snack, try to hide and get 2 whole minutes alone....only to be disrupted by the dreaded "can I try that?"...not sure why I even try anymore but...I love my kids...I love my kids..

Yellofruit™ is the newest stolen snack in our house. A frozen dessert made with banana-base instead of cream (my waistline thanks you!) filled with a bunch of the good stuff and no dairy ingredients which is awesome for you lactose-free mamas or your lactose intolerant babes! I should also mention that they're also peanut-free & plant based, i'm hearing a bunch of check marks on your list!

Yellofruit™ is pretty much what an ice cream wishes it could be...creamy, loaded with fruit, not chalky or dry and dairy free...so take that you fattening tub, you've officially been replaced.

3 flavours to chose from which have to be permanently stocked in our house since of course none of us chose the same fave:

Monty's Favourite Strawberry™- Brea's fave Holly's Favourite Mango™ - Madden's fave Eddy's Favourite Chocolate™- Mama's fave (can you tell we haven't shared with daddy yet?)

Ps how frikkin cute Monty, Holly & Eddy are their kids...family run businesses always get an extra thumbs up from me!

I'd tell you ladies to run out and get yourself 1 of each BUT ya know the saying "betcha can't eat just one" it totally applies in this case...soooo hope we're still friends after your first spoon full!

Click HERE to find a retailer near you who carries Yellofruit™.

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