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Bare walls, bare walls, what you gunna do?

What you gunna do when they come for you!?

Story of my life lol. Literally have so many blank walls in this house that I haven’t managed to fill in 2 years, i'm not sure if its still considered minimalism or just plain boring.

A year ago I managed to finally pick 3 prints from Opposite Wall for my entry space, simplistic, minimalistic but still SOMETHING, they spoke to my black and white soul obvi.

Then I had to tackle the hall, I was considering colour but as I browsed through all the pages of the ones I loved (see some below) I was still pulled back to the monochromes, I know I know to be expected of me.

Finally filled it with 4 prints with matching black frames, of course I measured the space wrong & didn't take the light switch into consideration so only three fit (insert big tears, cuz my vision of them all together was magic - see below). But 3 was almost, ALMOST as good.

Opposite Wall’s prints are created in house in MTL- my home town- hand clap. Printed on demand and minimalistic enough to group into gallery walls- if thats your thang!

With 11 categories of prints + Oak, Metal & Poster Hangers there’s no reason to leave your walls bare, now is there?

CODE LONDONKADE25 for 25% off until April 15th!


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