A CamHome is a safe home...

We all wished we lived in a world where Willy Wonka lived next door giving out golden tickets for endless supplies of chocolate & that we didn’t have to think twice about Who? What? When? Where? Why? But since our reality is a tad different Dave & I chose to protect our family with CamHome cameras.

Complete with AHD 8 Channel set 1080p wired cameras connected to our phone (or tablet) we’ll always feel safe in our four walls….and we’ll also never miss an amazon delivery…equally as important right?

Features of our CamHome cameras we can’t live without?

High definition crystal clear video footage

Easy to install with D-I-Y plug and play- my husband has a hard enough time hanging a nail straight so the simpler the better.

Security alerts and emails to our phone/tablet daily- since we all live/eat/sleep with our phones we’ll always be in the know about whats going on around our home.

Connect up to 8 total cameras- moving to a new area means doubling up on the eyes in the sky for us, we’ll be connecting the dome & bullet lights all around our new home!

Night vision up to 100 feet- providing crystal clear video even at night.Made of solid metal & built to last for outdoor- even in our Canadian winters!

Control motion detection zones, motion alert timing, burglary alarms all with the click of a mouse- or a scroll on your cellphone app!

2TB storage for 2+ months of nonstop recording, and the oldest footage is replaced when space gets low.

Pretty sure Dave is going to be on the CamHome app more then he’s on his fantasy hockey league…which is a great thing for the most part, but not the greatest thing for my daily deliveries I can see it already “babe what’s that package at the door”…no more hiding anything from him…thx CamHome LOL.

CamHome also offers in home solutions like there BlackBox, small enough to travel with & trusted enough to use as a baby monitor:

App Controlled right from your phone!


Rotates 355° horizontally and 150° vertically

2.5 inches tall

Thinking of upgrading or adding cameras to your home?

Visit a CamHome is a safe home!

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