Our Madhouse.

Like i said..i don't deny they are cute AF but i honestly don't know how i get by most days. If i'm not changing a bum, serving a snack or being asked for the 15th time when we can go to the park i'm literally hiding in the bathroom wishing someone..anyone..the fed ex guy maybe with a good package with no duties to pay, would stop by to talk to me.

Being a stay home with my two babes after having worked in the fashion industry for what feels like forever, doesn't come naturally to me, i mean in some ways its the same...just switched from taking care of bitches to babies. I have no shame admitting i find staying home boring, long & sooooo damn hard. That i get annoyed when people tell me "but its so worth it", yes yes i get it, it's time ill never get back, but its also time i will have spent playing legos for the 3rd hour in a row wondering what the hell i'm doing & why these kids can't learn to play by themselves.

My queen B runs this house & my little man runs my heart, so i'm pretty much just a supervisor, or a juice pourer however you want to see it.

If you're looking for a sweet, sensitive mom blog about the joys of motherhood, this isin't the one for you. I prefer to enjoy this journey by being straight up honest with myself about my life as a SAHM, some of you may relate & some of you may not but ALL of you will laugh.

At the end of the long, never ending, tantrum day i'm completely obsessed with these babies of mine & i'd take this day over your day any day, i mean unless you spent it at the spa...with a massage...and a mojito then i may consider switching.