Work w/ my crew.

Don’t mind that cold cup of coffee I’ll be drinking as we chat or that child hovering around my leg or the fact that ill have to say "hold on just a sec" for the 56th time…that’s my life #momlife better get used to it if we’re going to work together!

The babes & i, with the occasional appearance of dad are considered “influencers” or “content creators” but my kids would just say I take too many pictures & caption them with words other moms can relate too. I don’t believe in sugar coating unless its on donuts & I pride myself on keeping the crew that follows me entertained & shopping… they call me human amazon.

We’d love to add you to our rolodex of amazing, unique & stylish brands we’ve worked with thus far (I just wanted to use the word rolodex)!

So send us an email, a text or knock on our door but please oh please don't call, we promise not to answer anyways.

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Awesome, thanks for reaching out let me fill my kids juice cup & get right back to ya!